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     In a way, my career as an artist began in the 7th grade. That year, I amazingly won a state-wide poster contest for the California Highway Patrol on helmet safety.  The prize was a brand new GT Interceptor BMX bike which I was given at an assembly just for me.

     As a fan of the movie RAD, I was thrilled to win the bike.  I was one of those kids who wore out their VHS copy watching the movie over and over. Even though I was never going to be the next Cru Jones, it felt as good as a victory at Helltrack.

     That victory made me realize that a career as an artist was potentially in my future.  Fast forward to today, I have been designing movie posters professionally for the past decade. 

Won a bike!.jpg

     The more I work in the entertainment industry, the more I wish to return to the 80's and early 90s of my childhood.  Movies and music were far more engaging back then and most of the people I know agree.

     Those days are gone so the best I can do is use my skills to help bring back those memories with new deigns.  I hope you enjoy my creations.  Any and all suggestions and comments are appreciated.  Stay tuned for more!

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